Gaitway to Good Therapy

Keep Track

of Measurements

How it works

The Gait Guide™ pathway has been engineered as a therapy tool for the elderly, adults, and adolescents experiencing altered gait, progression in disease process, or post-surgical procedure.


Used for but not limited to:      
• Gait analysis

• Heel-to-Toe Stride                               
• Tinetti Functional Test
• Somatic Walking Test


Works with parallel bars & other walking devices.

Gait Therapy:

• Accurate, Quantifiable Data

• Proper Foot Placement
• Goal Setting

Gait Guide™ is 3/16 inches thick and 6 feet long, made of eco-friendly and biodegradable material that is FREE from PVC, silicone, latex and phthalates.  One of the first of its kind, our product is infused with a luxurious & absorbent suede microfiber top with a non-slip, 100% recyclable rubber bottom.


It can be placed on any hard, smooth surface such as tile, sealed concrete, sealed wood or waxed vinyl.  Our new and improved material only weighs 5 lb, 6 oz!  Gait Guide™ is machine washable and can easily be wiped down between use.


Gait Guide™ is easy to roll and carry in and out of therapy gyms, patient homes and clinics.  Each pathway comes with a storage and carrying handle. that makes it convenient and easy to transport if necessary.


Gait Guide™ is a gait-therapy product that encourages, excites, and engages patients while allowing the care provider to gather objective data making for ease of documenting outcomes and quicker reimbursements.  Our product isn't electronic; no special outlets or expensive equipment is necessary for operation. More than one pathway can be placed to end-to-end to achieve a preferred length.

Close up of soft, suede-like surface showing detailed photography.  Very durable, long-lasting surface that can be wiped down or machine washed.  (AIR DRY ONLY)

Detail of one of the large color-coded markers.

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Colored markers are evenly spaced down each side of the pathway at 1-foot increments.  Keeps accurate and detailed measurements. You'll look more professional as your patients will prefer it over ugly masking tape.

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