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Photo shows 2 Gait Guide pathways placed end-to-end for a 12 foot path.  Each pathway comes in 6 foot lengths.

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Unique and Exciting

New Therapy Tool

Using tape and counting tiles appears

cheap and inaccurate.

Payors prefer precise measurements.

Patients expect more!

Gait Guide™ is a wonderful, creative gait-therapy product that not only encourages, excites and engages patients, it's a must-have improvement for any therapy gym.  This new innovation therapy product will benefit you as a health care professional as well as your patients.

Gait Guide™ stimulates patients visually and mentally while improving their gait, stride, and balance. With this inexpensive therapy tool you are sure to achieve positive outcomes. Let Gait Guide™ be your Gaitway to Good Therapy.

Highly recommended for hospital-based rehab programs, home health rehabs, outpatient rehabs and pediatrics.


Professionals prefer Gait Guide because it's great for quantifiable analysis, objective for ambulation assessment and no doubt, for it's visual appearance for their patients, especially those with low vision and/or other visual disturbance.


Children are more responsive and makes the ambulation tasks more functional.


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